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APC Quick Start Revision Guides

Commercial 2018 (inc puzzle book) £150

Residential 2017 £130

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Question Spotter



Question Spotter

Most common anxiety for APC candidates is:

“What are they going to ask me?”

Send me your final submission documents and I will interrogate your final submission and compose 200+ questions I would ask in a final assessment interview competency by competency, these will cover questions at level 1, level 2 and level 3.

This service is a personalised experienced Chairman / Assessor review of YOUR experience. Feedback suggests a high hit rate on spotted questions asked at final assessment interview.

Practice with the questions and get an idea of the depth, breadth and language. This service builds confidence and prepares you to talk about level 2 and level 3.

Can’t get to a mock? this is the next best thing…


Testimonial 2017

“Kate was a great help to me in the run up to the APC interview.  She took me on at the last minute when I was very worried I hadn’t prepared enough.  She prepared an extremely comprehensive list of potential questions I could be asked basis on my submissions.  I went through the list and answered the questions as well as possible and Kate was always there to guide me on parts that I wasn’t sure on.  As well as being a highly respected current assessor who helped me prepare academically, she was also a fantastic help emotionally when I was getting panicked.  I would highly recommend using her in the run up to your APC.” (AK MRICS)

APC Coaching - FULL

Paid in advance

APC Mock Interview
Email Kate to discuss your requirements.

Final Submission Review

written feedback via comment in Word on :

  • experience record
  • CPD
  • case study.

£350 paid in advance.

There is no discount for combining these services.

 Day rate

I can offer bespoke APC or valuation training at my day rate of £1050 plus expenses.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Foundation skills (Gathering information)

Any property pathway

June 2018 tbc

Who is this course for?

Do you lack confidence in inspection, building pathology, construction, dating property, measurement and sustainability?

The on -site due diligence can let down an otherwise well prepared candidate. apcTaylorMade have designed a 1 day course around a partially completed residential building with common defects. This will provide a solid background to build on in terms of recognising and articulating construction and defects at the appropriate level for a valuation, commercial property or residential surveyor.


Referral Analysis

I will create a table for each competency with a plain English interpretation of the referral comments and suggested action points for your next attempt. This is usually 2 pages of A4.

I will send you the appropriate RICS reference documents and mind map revision aids to support your next attempt.

I will consider whether an appeal might be appropriate.

I will not engage in referral counselling or write an appeal.


Coaching Hourly Rate

£150 per hour (currently full)


At session 2 2017 all candidates who purchased two or more services  passed APC = 100% pass rate.

Overall pass rate – 95%.