1. APC Quick Start Revision Guides including CRIB book of colour mind maps

 Commercial Property 2018 FAQs

  1. What is the Quick Start Revision Guide?

A focused A4 printed book covering competency revision points using mind maps and tables for Commercial Property Pathway.


  1. What is the contents page?
  2. Final submission
  3. Rules, Ethics and Professional Practice
  4. Inspection
  5. Valuation
  6. Measurement
  7. Local Taxation
  8. Property Records
  9. Building Pathology
  10. Conflict Avoidance
  11. Landlord and Tenant
  12. Leasing and letting
  13. Property management
  14. Purchase and sale
  15. Development appraisals


  1. What is the format?

There is a brief narrative introduction to the competency and then key information is tabulated along with the appropriate reference for quick revision. The RICS document or law is in the first column with the key learning points in bullet point format in the second column.

There are example questions for each competency and mind maps attached as a summary.



The Revision Guide is now accompanied by a 76 page crib book.

The puzzle book is laid out, by competency, in the same way as the revision guide with colour mind maps.


  1. How big is it?

The 2018 edition is bigger, 133 pages of A4. It is deliberately focused on key points. There are

The aim is to learn ALL of it and do the suggested supplementary reading for context.


  1. Feedback?


 M Ventham MRICS Session 2 2017

Passed APC on first attempt

“The revision guide was absolutely invaluable in terms of summarising the knowledge required for L1. The clear presentation, and in particular having the competency requirements divided into key learning points was very helpful when planning revision.

 I can honestly say that without this revision guide I don’t think I would have passed.

Well worth the cost. I recommend this guide.”

  1. Is it up to date?

The 2018 version is up to date as at December 2017 inc all relevant RICS guidance and standards. I expect it from the publishers around 15 January.


  1. Can I see a sample?

Yes, email Kate for full FAQs.


  1. How much does it cost?
£160 including CRIB BOOK of colour mind maps


  1. How do I get my hands on one?
  • If you decide this is for you then, contact Kate on katetaylor243@gmail.com
  • My assistant Holly will send FAQs and invoice.
  • I will provide the account details and you provide the address for posting.
  • I will need a BACS direct payment into my account using your name as the reference and once payment is confirmed I will email you a receipt and post the book out first class the same day.


  1. Check out my website and Twitter feed for other useful APC tips.



Residential Property

2018 Commercial Property Revision Guide

NEW Residential Revision Guide for RICS APC

Published 2017 (new Cribe Book is Dec 2018 and inc NEW competency loan security

130 page A4 book of APC revision notes- tables, mind maps and practice questions. Covering 14 technical core and optional competencies.

Including Red Book 2017 and bonus colour crib book of mind maps

Prepayment of £160 by BACS transfer and posted first class.

Email – katetaylor243@gmail.com for FAQs to obtain one ASAP!

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