Let me help you succeed and reduce the stress of final assessment.

Service Cost Remarks
Document review £350 per candidate Why choose this service?

1.       Maximise the first impression and drive the interview questioning through competency focused evidence of experience.


2.       In my experience as an Assessor / Chair and appeals panel member 70% of final submissions have avoidable errors and content that can be misunderstood by assessors.


Candidates will:

·         Send me their final submission documents and a deadline (minimum 1 week).

·         Rewrite your final submission and take on board feedback.

·         Discuss with me at a prearranged Skype/ telephone  ½  hour coaching session.

·         Accept frank and constructive feedback in a positive manner.


I will

·         I will add comments to every box on the experience record and every paragraph of the case study.

·         Comments will include spelling and grammar, technical omissions or errors and general impression.

·         Provide assessor insight on the content in terms of the competency reference points – i.e. how it will make the assessor think and respond.

·         Send back to you by the prearranged deadline.

·         Discuss with you at a prearranged Skype/ Telephone session. This can be a group session with a maximum of 4 attendees.


Question spotting £300 per candidate Why choose this service?

1.       Provide focused revision to candidates based on their own competency evidence. This provides depth of preparation in the right area for the individual.


2.       Provide practice in the language and direction of questions unique to the candidate’s specific experience.


3.       This reduces anxiety and improves performance in the final assessment interview.


I will:

·         Read candidates final submission

·         Formulate questions as if I was preparing to assess you

·         Provide a minimum of 200 questions split clearly into level and competency using a colour coded table. NB the average interview has 80-100 questions so you get 2 virtual interviews.

·         I will not provide answers (part of your revision is compiling the answers)

·         I will answer any queries you may have about questions

·         I will email the question spotting table.

·         I will work to a 1 week deadline.


Candidates will:

·         Send me the complete final draft, final submission by email.

·         Allow me at least 1 week to complete the task.

·         Send me any queries resulting from the mind maps.

·         Practice with the questions.

·         Email me when you get your results J


Mock interviews £350 per candidate ·         Arranged to suit demand

·         2 person panel, both assessors (Kate Taylor FRICS and Danny Medcalf FRICS) experienced chairs, auditor and appeal panel member

·         Feedback on technical points and soft skills guidance

·         Encourage candidates to be outward looking

Revision Guide

Best Seller

£175 per copy Please see separate FAQ’s.

Commercial guide 4th edition.

Residential Guide currently being updated 3rd edition due Spring 2020.