Kate is the author of an Estates Gazette column


Kate can provide training in the following technical areas for residential and commercial real estate:

  • RICS APC process and updates
  • Valuation
  • Agency competencies (purchase & sale, leasing & letting)
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Inspection
  • Sustainability
  • Measurement (inc IPMS)
  • Property Management
  • Local Taxation
  • Property Records and Information Systems
  • Compulsory purchase and compensation
  • Capital taxation
  • RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017 & UK National Supplement 2018
  • Development appraisals
  • Investment appraisal using DCF
  • Conflict avoidance
  • RICS Rules of conduct, ethics and professional practice
  • Corporate real estate asset management

Soft skills:

Speaking on work life balance in London for RICS LionHeart.



Kate worked with LionHeart to design a series of Work Life Balance Workshops nationwide.

Kate is now on the board as a trustee and no longer does any paid work with LionHeart to avoid conflict of interest.

NB – Kate does not cover the construction side building surveying, quantity surveying or project management.