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Kate Taylor FRICS Assoc CIPD is an APC expert who has helped hundreds of candidates to APC success in her five years as Graduate Manager for one of the largest UK Graduate Surveyor schemes at central Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

An experienced Chartered Surveyor, RICS Registered Valuer,  APC Chair, APC auditor. APC appeal judge and professionally qualified trainer Kate has helped the VOA to an industry leading pass rate and now offers consultancy to RICS and other clients.

Kate’s involvement with RICS boards for isurv and Valuation Professional Group allow her to perform a leadership role within the profession.

Testimonial June 2018

“I was extremely worried and nervous about the whole APC. Coming from a smaller firm I didn’t feel I had sufficient or the same support compared to some of the larger organisations. I found APCTaylorMade (APCTM) on google and without them, and Kate in particular, there is no question I would not have passed at the first attempt. I actually purchased three products from APCTM in the form of the revision guide, document review and the mock interview. The revision guide was fantastic, it more or less contained everything I needed to know however in a condensed form. The questions at the end of each section were brilliant and prompted me to explore/revise areas that I might have missed had I not obtained a copy of the guide. Of course the guide is only a “guide” and therefore simply suggests areas and topics to focus on but this condensed version is a lot less daunting to read, especially when compared to the huge lever arch folders that I noticed other candidates revising from, which of course may mean you waste time reading about unnecessary information.

 I was a bit sceptical as to whether I needed to send my submission for review. Particularly as I had already received my submission back from the RICS confirming that it was sufficient to proceed to the interview. Despite this I wanted to ensure that I was fully prepared and I sent my submission to APCTM. Upon receipt of the review I was quite surprised about the quantity of track changes that had been detailed. However these were made easy to implement and ensured my submission was perfect, which was commented by the assessors during the interview.

 Finally the mock interview. There is no question that without the mock interview I would not have passed the real thing. In fact I failed the mock, but this failure ensured that I worked where necessary to prepare for the real thing. The same interview conditions were recreated (during the mock) and I knew exactly what to expect on the day. To my knowledge APCTM is the ONLY mock interview with a full 3 person “friendly” panel of experienced Assessors led by an APC Auditor and Appeal Panel Judge. I cannot emphasise how beneficial this was for me, and I would recommend it to any candidate.”

 (verbatim -Charles Scrivens MRICS – successful residential candidate session 1 2018)


Testimonial June 2017

“I was introduced to Kate early on in my journey when I attended an RICS Seminar that she was hosting about the APC process. Kate was clearly very passionate about what she does and this made a strong impression on me, giving me the focus I needed to start working and be proactive from the outset of my APC.


Kate’s background in practice means that as well as being able to educate about the generic APC procedure she also provides detailed essential knowledge on each of the required competencies that you need to declare. Kate is very professional in the way she operates and has an effective way of teaching and mentoring that provided invaluable to me throughout!


Kate’s coaching services include; web classes, final submission documentation review and mind maps, the APC Quick Start Revision Guide, an insightful and regularly updated Twitter feed, a useful APC column in the Estates Gazette and a final revision workshop (in conjunction with Delever). I personally don’t think I would’ve passed first time and achieved Chartered status without Kate’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone working towards their APC.”


Jack Hesketh MRICS